Incredible games & successful campaigns -
that’s what we’re about.

We’re an esports media and marketing firm that specializes in activating the world’s most engaged audience.

For us, gaming performed at the highest competitive level is an intense and exciting source of entertainment. And for those looking to speak to the industry’s massively growing and loyal audience, it represents incredible opportunities.

That’s why we’ve built a powerhouse team of industry professionals who enthusiastically embrace the world of esports, and are poised to make an impact on its dynamic landscape.

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"I’ve spent over a decade working on incredibly successful campaigns, and helped shape the influencer marketing industry from its earliest stages. But my passion has always been in gaming, and by extension, esports. I founded United Esports with the vision of building a team of life-long game enthusiasts who all had outside-industry tenure, and a genuine desire to help the industry grow without losing its heart."

-Founder & CEO Felix LaHaye

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Who doesn’t like a trophy shelf?
We have one, and here are a few highlights:

But like the teams we love, we don’t spend much time reflecting on our previous victories.

We're always pushing forward to win the next game.

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With over forty years of industry experience and 2500+ successful campaigns behind us, we are uniquely equipped to develop impactful relationships between the communities we love, and the brands seeking their attention.

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